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Make Less Trash

Upcoming + Future Events 


Earth Day Celebration at Refill Revolution | April 21

Saturday, April 21 at 1 PM - 5 PM

Come out and help us Make Boulder Green Again! Join us at the Refill Revolution with Be Zero and Respect Your Mother Recycling and support our cause in making less trash! Donations from this event will support the education and community outreach of Be Zero and Respect Your Mother Recycling. Come and explore the amazing Refill Revolution for in-store specials for all your low-waste goods! 

 Talk & Second-hand Clothing Grab Fundraiser! | April 10

Join us on April 10th as we celebrate Earth month with Be Zero! We'll circle around for our How To Make Less Trash Talk, a great introduction to the low-waste mindset and an opportunity to discuss and ask questions on ways to rethink our waste and our consumer habits.  After the talk, you'll get to explore our second-hand clothing bin, so bring a reusable bag to grab and tote home your second-hand treasures with you! April 10, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Summer Community CleanUps
Join us each summer | TBA

Bringing community together to bring awareness to trash pollution. Volunteers are supplied with the essentials to help clean up plastic debris from around Downtown Boulder. 


Create a Circular Mindset 

The Circular Mindset is Be Zero's personal philosophy on how individuals can personally navigate a disposable consumer culture. Use these guides to support a new understanding around waste and the resources we collectively share. 


Make Less Trash




 Book List

A growing list of educational and inspiring books on environmental work, studies, and activism.