5 Things You Should Do Right Now To Make Less Trash

The average American produces 4.6 pounds of trash per day! That's about 102 tons per American lifetime! That's a lot of trash! Most of this trash is not recycled either. It's either buried, burned, or finds its way into our water ways. 

What can we do to make less trash? The solutions are surprisingly simple, cost-effective, and healthy! Here are five methods that have been a foundational part of my zero waste lifestyle. Remember, this lifestyle is not about trash perfection! It's about rediscovering the value in resources, community, and the personal items we surround ourselves with.


You've got to simplify! Declutter, consume less, and find out what your true wants and needs are. This will help you feel less overwhelmed. You don't need much! Be intentional about what you include in your life and let objects be meaningful, inspirational, and most importantly, functional! 

Bring Your Own.

Bring your own durable and reusable goods with you. Items like your own coffee or water container, cloth grocery and produce bags, mason jar (for storing leftovers or bringing snacks with you), a cloth napkin, and a reusable utensils. Get in the habit of BYO. 

Get Naked.

Wait, don't take off your clothes! I'm talking about refusing unnecessary packaged foods and packaged products. There are actually many options for food and products in sustainable packaging or no packaging at all! Try buying your food from the bulk section of the grocery store (if that is available) or visit your local farmer's market for fresh unpackaged foods and goods. 

Just Say No. 

A simple way to keep trash at bay is to refuse trash in the first place! Say no to single-use disposable waste! Those are things you use once and toss! Say no to plastic straws in your drinks when you go out to eat. Say no to cheap useless swag at events. Say no to plastic drinking cups. Just say no! 

Use Your Power. 

I truly believe our consumer choices are powerful! Let companies and businesses know you are concerned and want to see more sustainable packaging options. Use social media to let them know your suggestions and concerns. Vote with your dollar and give companies and businesses incentive to make positive change. 

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