Trash-Free Fall Celebrations

For me, the best thing about the holidays is that we don't have much of anything to store after they're done! Simplifying my holiday decorations has allowed me to concentrate more on family, food, and nature. Three of my favorite things! Here are a few simply ways to embrace the fall holidays by spending less, eating sweet, and making very little trash! 

Decorate with Nature.

I love fall! And creating a warm and happy home with natural decorations from outside can be the perfect touch to a simple and natural home. Remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! 

Natural Decoration Ideas: 

  • Fill a bowl with beautiful squashes, gourds, and pumpkins.
  • Make a brew of spices for teas or just to make the home smell warm and spicy!  
  • Fill a mason jar with fall leaves! This is a great activity for kids! Let your children collect different colored leaves for each jar; red, golds, and yellows! 
  • Create cinnamon stick bundles for a natural fragrance in the home. 
  • Small tea lights in brown paper bags to decorate outside with. 
  • Find fallen sticks and branches and make your own broomstick or woodsy spider! 

Do you live in a place where the seasons don’t make much of an appearance? You can still find some of the more typical items like pumpkins, squashes, gourds, and natural spices in your local grocer or market. You don't need much to take in the beauty of this season! 


Sweet Treats & Cozy Eats

Purchase chocolates and candies in bulk! You can add them to compostable snack bags to give out to trick-or-treaters. Or fancy it up by adding your treats to small mason jars for house guests and family gifts. 

Soups and stews with root vegetables and beans are some of my favorite fall time eats. I make these delicious soups and stews quick and easy in my cast iron pot or pressure cooker. 


Simplicity is key! Resist the urge to buy the newest holiday decorations and collections that come out each year. Instead, create holiday memories from scratch that embrace the natural seasons of your area. Simplify your holidays by focusing on the important things - family, friends, and food! You'll soon see that decorating and celebrating the holidays is easier when you make it low waste!