Zero Waste Home: Simplicity & Clearing

The zero waste lifestyle isn't just about trash, it's about creating a lifestyle that is meaningful and simple. At the core of the zero waste mentality is simplicity. 

Simplicity is knowing what serves you, makes you happy, and what doesn’t weigh you down. It’s the removal of accumulation. It’s an understanding of the delicate qualities of what is important to you. It’s also truly understanding that nothing is truly yours.

Simplicity isn't just about getting rid of stuff, simplicity is a process of active intention.

  • Do you love all you own?
  • Do you have what serves you and others?
  • Do the possessions you accumulate drain your energy?

These are important questions to administer into your life. 

Simplicity Activitiy.

Take a closer look at all the little bits & pieces of material possessions you own. I like to lay out everything from a drawer, closet space, or bag in front of me on the floor. This way I can bare witness to the accumulation of stuff. 

From this pile, select 25 things that do not serve you, you do not truly love or need and either giveaway to friends or family or donate to a local community thrift shop. 

Use these questions to help you clear out...

  • How many times have I used this item?
  • Do I really like this? Wear this? Want this?
  • Is there anything else I have that could serve the same purpose?
  • Can I live without this? 
  • Does this item{s} actually serve me?
  • What would it feel like if I didn’t have it?
  • Would I be tempted to repurchase this item?

Clearing Tips: 

1. Keep stuff that is multi-functional, good quality, and inspires you and your work. Edit belongings monthly and consider what kinds of new things you are bringing into your life and if you actually need them. 

2. Experiences are way more valuable than stuff. Consider what you could do instead of what you could have. Think on that before you make any purchase. 

3. Memories things are best kept in your heart and mind. It's easy to hold on to things that trigger an emotion or memory. But remember, things take up space and space is valuable energy! Make way for the new by releasing the old! Sell, donate, or pass on items that do not serve you any longer. Fill the space with new experiences and memories instead! 


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