My Lifestyle Guidelines

Here is something I wrote in my journal a few years back that I wanted to share with you. I love curating a lifestyle that is simple, intentional, and mindful. Some of these ideas and inspirations may provide useful to your own life! Take what you like and leave the rest! 

+ Adventure always awaits.

+ Make very few plans.

+ Be raw and honest with how you feel about anything or anybody.

+ Share what you feel. This is your art. 

+ Create mini intentions for everything. Imagine where you will be, how you will do it, and what it will feel like in your mind. Become soft and easeful about anything you want to achieve or have in your life.   

+ Strip away everything that doesn't serve you.

+ Live with your heart wide open. Allow your love and kindness to radiate outwards no matter how sweet or sour the outcome maybe. 

+ Transformation is vital. 

+ Everything moves and changes. That is beautiful.

+ If you have a feeling about something, don't fear it, go straight towards and investigate it. 

+ There are only guidelines. Don't believe anything until you feel it. 

+ Alone is good.

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