Zero Waste Challenge Day 26: Bring Your Own To-Go Container

American's produce a lot of waste through restaurant takeout. If you've every had leftovers from a restaurant then you've probably at one point had it wrapped up in plastic, styrofoam, and then tossed in a plastic bag. Not to mention the plastic wrapped utensils, napkins, and plastic sauce cups, and drinking cups they throw in too. 

That is a lot of waste!   


There are a number of ways to reduce our takeout footprint. It all starts with being mindful of where we are going and what we are eating. And to simply refuse disposable to-go containers whenever possible! 

Bring your own

From a small mason jar to stainless steel containers and bento boxes there are plenty of options for taking home your leftovers. Check with your favorite local restaurant about bringing your own containers to drop off for them to fill up with your favorite meal. Explain why you are doing this as well. 

Try these portable stainless steel containers. I always have my small mason jar with me for the unexpected leftovers if I'm out. I once crammed a slices of vegan pizza into my mason jar! 

Skip the disposable utensils

Americans use more than a100 million pieces of plastic utensils every day. These plastic utensils can take up to 1000 years to decompose, leaking harmful substance into the Earth while they break down. Keep with you a small To-Go Ware utensil set or a folding spork from Life Without Plastic. 

Voice your concerns

Ask your local restaurant to make the switch to compostable to-go containers or encourage a reusable to-go container system. Your voice matters. Businesses have no incentive to change until they here from you!