Zero Waste Challenge Day 29: Natural Cleaners

These days there seems to be a cleaner for every thing in your home - windows, counter tops, bathrooms, toilets and more! But do we ever ask ourselves why there are so many cleaners in the first place? And what are these cleaners really made from anyway? 

There are numerous reasons why I de-vested in commercial cleaners, and here are three of them: 

1. They are expensive

2. There is too much plastic packaging

3. They are stinky and full of undisclosed chemicals 

For the last 10 years, I've been cleaning my home with homemade and natural cleaners. Here is what I use:

  • distilled white vinegar / apple cider vinegar 
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • lemon peels
  • olive oil 
  • a few essential oils 

That's it! I clean the entire house on just a few inexpensive ingredients. Along with rags, dust cloths, and a reusable cloth floor pad I can get the job done with ease. 


Slowly replace old cleaners with homemade natural ones! 

Here are my no-fuss cleaners that I make at home. These are so quick and easy to make! I can make them all in under 10 minutes. You might have your own favorite recipe that you like to make for yourself! There are lots of variations of natural cleaners. The exact amounts are going to differ depending on what container you use, so these may be rough estimates for you.

For tub/sink/toilet:

In an old cheese shaker fill with baking soda and add 15 drops of tea tree oil

optional: 1 tsp of salt






one part distilled white vinegar 

one part filtered water

add to reusable sprayer




All purpose cleaner:

In a mason jar, soak lemon peels with vinegar for two weeks in the dark. Drain and add to reusable sprayer.







2 drops dish soap (I get in bulk) and warm water. 

Stainless steel cleaner:

Olive Oil on a rag and rub onto stainless steel until shiny! 

Room spray:

Filtered water and 15 drops of your favorite essential oil