Zero Waste Challenge Day 8: Declutter

Do you have over-stuffed closets, drawers, and garages? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by these over-stuffed spaces? Overwhelmed by stuff? 

Our society has become a consumer-based culture. There is nothing wrong with consumerism, I think we are just consuming in a way that is missing some important key ingredients. I believe that we've lost value in the materials that go into making something. We've forgotten the value in craftsmanship, quality, durability, and functionality. 

Part of the zero-waste mindset and one of the key ingredients for easefulness along the path is simplicity. And you usually don't have much simplicity when you have clutter. 

Decluttering can seem very overwhelming at first. But remembering these few key ideas will have you remove the unnecessary and keep it that way. 

The problem

Clutter. It keeps up disorganized, overwhelmed, and distracted. 

The solution

1. Evaluating your wants and needs

Putting value back into our belongings is a huge step to keep clutter away. If we love and value something we keep a good eye on it, we take care of it, repair it, use it well, and it's something we want to even pass down to our future family. 

2. Rethinking future purchases


Make purchases based on functionality, repairability, and durability. Less, but better. 

3. Life editing: remove what no longer serves you, inspires you, or is useful

By editing out what you no longer need you bring more spaciousness into life. And when you have more spaciousness (especially the feeling of it), life becomes a little less overwhelming, less distracted, and you'll have less to organize and clean too. 

Decluttering, in all honestly, is a personally experience that will reflect your personal life. So start small. For me, I had to realign my mindset to material belongings and understand what I really valued and how to surround myself with people, things, and experiences that mattered the most. This mindset will give you the best results. 


The Minimalists