Be Zero Ambassador Spotlight: Trinidad/Tobago

Here at Be Zero we're happy to share the stories and positive work of our Field Crew & Ambassador Volunteer Program in their own words. Be Zero Ambassadors act as lighthouses for the Be Zero Mission in their communities by sharing and inspiring ways to live simple and low-waste lifestyles. I'm pleased to introduce Quilin, our first Ambassador located in Trinidad/Tobago. She shares her story about current waste issues in her community. 

Written by Quilin Achat

Growing up in the Caribbean meant many weekends at the beach, traveling to the different coastlines to take a sea bath and spend the day playing in the sand. In those days, rubbish was far and in between. Families took back what they brought in and littering was generally frowned upon. 

Rapid modernization, the growing need for convenience and Government unemployment relief programs whose main focus is keeping the country clean, has led to a general mindlessness towards waste. 

What happens to our rubbish and where its taken is none of our business. Until the rainy season comes and daily rainfall brings down all the rubbish of our waterways, landslides carrying hills of illegally dumped waste and our capital city of Port-of-Spain is turned into a flood zone. It's an annual havoc among the working populace. 

Cars under water. Travelers stranded. Sewage and rats lifted from the belly of the city. 

Even though this happens yearly, there's still a disconnect. That one carelessly thrown plastic bottle is how this all starts in the first place. Our natural escapes, the ones we loved as children, are not immune. But it's only until we adapt a Be Zero consciousness, will we finally start appreciating the beauty all around us and do our part in protecting our islands.  

Quilin Achat is a social connector, community leader, naturalist and vegetarian. As a mother, her aim is to lead the younger generation by example, that we are our brother's keeper and our planet's too. When she's not managing her handcraft and green store, Earth Food, she's dreaming ways for a better tomorrow.