Ambassador Spotlight: How to Pack a Zero Waste Kids Lunch


We're happy to share the stories and positive work of our Ambassadors in their own words. Our Be Zero Ambassadors bring life to the Be Zero Mission by sharing and inspiring ways to live simple and low-waste lifestyles. In this post, our Ambassador Meagan, shares how she creates low waste lunches with kids! 

Written by Meagan Coates

These days you can get almost anything packaged but luckily, packing a low-waste school lunch for children is a cinch with some simple swaps. We invested in a PlanetBox which is a bento style, stainless steel lunch container. It is a brilliant design and is easy to use and wash. My son loves having the different compartments and a selection of items in the tray. It also makes packing the right portion sizes easier in my opinion.

I use one space for a vegetable (favorites include carrots, cucumber, snap peas), one for fruit (grapes, berries, kiwi), one for the sandwich or main course (almond butter and jelly, pasta salad) and one for some sort of snack (crackers, nuts) or protein (cheese, hummus).


There are also two small containers for snacks that can be placed inside the box or kept separate. You don’t have to have a fancy lunch box to avoid packaged foods for kid lunches though. A reusable lunch bag, reusable snack pouches or glass Tupperware can do the trick. At my son’s preschool they have a morning and afternoon snack time in addition to lunch so we like to use one separate container for that as well.



Simple Meal Ideas! 

Morning snack ideas: a banana, apple or homemade granola bar in a Lunchskin or reusable pouch.

Afternoon snack ideas: cookies, nuts, crackers, dried fruit or trail mix in a container

Drink: juice boxes are so wasteful—the plastic wrapped straw that is challenging for little hands to poke in, the trash remaining after the drink is gone, the packaging around the juice. Instead, we opt for a reusable bottle; stainless steel one gets reused in our house each day and filled most days with milk but sometimes with juice or water.

Reusable Resource Links! 



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