Day 1: About the Dress

I like simple. I like classic, no fuss, easy, laid back sophistication. I like things that are well made, last a long time, and look good year after year. I try to reflect that within the little clothing that I do own. 

This month, I'm experimenting with wearing one dress for the whole 28 days. I wanted to do a one dress experiment not only for myself, but to start more conversation about our clothing. Where it comes from, how it's made, why we think we need so much of it, and the environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry. 

about the dress

I love finding great pieces from consignment stores, thrift shops, my sister's closet, and I also LOVE supporting designers and businesses that are creating and producing with sustainability, functionality, and durability in mind.

Which brings me to the one dress I'll be wearing this month. Meet Prairie Underground, a Seattle-based apparel manufacturer that designs and creates pieces of clothing that are durable, adaptable and sustainable. I was introduced to Prairie Underground through my sister's closet. Pretty much every time my sister and I visit each other, we raid each other's closets. On this particular raid, I found one of their pieces. I fell in love. Needless to say, I claimed it for myself and wore it nearly everyday. I'll be sharing more about this company in future posts. 

identity shift dress

Dress Details (from Prairie Underground website) : 

Shift Dress with loose bodice, drop sleeve and narrow hemline
– Deep V Neck
– Long sleeve
– Hidden side pockets
– Black: 100% Organic Linen
– Quantity produced: 39 Black Linen
– Made in Seattle, U.S.A.

How I wore it on day one...

It was cold today in Boulder, so I layered my long-sleeve black body suite underneath, paired it with my jean jacket, and wrapped myself up in my gray & blue scarf (that I also raided from my sister's closet). I accessorized with one of my favorite necklaces - my Two Hands Full clay bolo tie.

What I love so far... 

I love linen. And I always feel so good in it. I especially love how this dress has pockets! I really feel like women's clothes could use more pockets. Day one feels great! 

What about washing?

I'm going to hand-wash it the day after tomorrow and let hang dry. The skinny jeans, jean jacket, and scarf I will wash on gentle cycle and then hang dry as well at the end of the week. I usually make my own laundry soap, but currently I'm using The Simply Co. Laundry Soap