February Challenge: One month. One dress.

Textile Awareness 

For the month of February, I’ll be bringing attention to textile waste, the fast fashion industry, the slow fashion movement, the art of mending, clothing ownership, thrifting and consignment, and the art of having a meaningful and quality wardrobe of less. 

One Dress

For the next 28 days, I’ll be wearing the same black organic linen dress from the lovely folks at Prairie Underground.  I'll also have a few layering pieces in addition for added warmth! It's still winter here in Colorado! 

What will be included in the 28 Days:

The Dress:

Black linen Identity Shift dress from Prairie Underground

The layering extras, shoes, pants, accessories:

  • Black long sleeve body suite (for warmth on cold days)
  • Light-wash jean jacket 
  • Black wash skinny jeans
  • Light wash skinny jeans 
  • Grey winter boot (for huge snow days will switch out these for my serious snow boots)  + one pair of socks 
  • Brown flat shoe  + one pair of no-see socks
  • Black hat 
  • Gray scarf 

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