Day 10: Exploring Slow Fashion - Zero Waste Daniel

Outfit Look Day 10:

I've been wearing the same light-wash skinny jeans for the past 3 days. Will be washing them tonight with a few of my husband's dirty laundry. It's been oddly warm here in Colorado for February. It hit in the mid 70's today. Scary. I haven't had to wear my jean jacket or my black long sleeve body suite in days. 

Today I want to share with you another amazing slow-fashion brand that I've recently come across in the past year. I currently don't own any of their pieces (yet), but I'm so inspired by their ethos and the impact they are creating in the world of design and fashion.

Daniel Silverstein is a New York based clothing designer and manufacture of zero waste clothing. His website Zero Waste Daniel features his line of clothing that is produced from 100% pre-consumer cutting room scraps. 

Each one of Daniel's pieces saves about one pound of fabric scrapes from entering the landfill. All of the fabric scrapes his team of makers gather come right from the Brooklyn production factories in NYC. His team is attempting to save 3 tons of consumer fabric waste this year! Amazing! 

IOur trash problem is in essence a design problem - it all starts with design. And Daniel is way ahead of the game when it comes to bringing together design and thoughtful consumption. Below are a few of the pieces from his collection that have caught my eye! 

Check out these two ZWD mini vids to learn more!