Day 13: Wrapped in a Good Blanket

Outfit Look | Day 13 

This dress is becoming a second piece of skin to me with every new day. I've come to learn more about my clothing than I have ever had before and a greater appreciation for those who take time to design and craft a piece of clothing to take you through the years. 

Along with good companies designing and manufacturing durable and adaptable clothing there are also businesses supporting those who manufacture goods with the same foundation and also supporting NGO's who are creating social and environmental change. A new friend gifted me this beautiful blanket constructed from discarded fabrics. I was super grateful and loved what this husband and wife team are doing so much that I had to share! Meet Wakened Apparel...

Cassidy and her husband David, own a online store called Wakened Apparel. They are a socially-aware company that supports various nonprofit organizations by helping to raise awareness and offer support through donations.

I asked Cassidy, the co-founder and owner, how Wakened Apparel all came about and about these zero waste blankets as well!

Here's what Cassidy had to say about her company and their good blankets:

"It started back when we were dating as our dream project. We'd meet and have dates at little coffee shops sketching and bouncing around ideas for what it could be one day. At first, our big idea was to include charity partners. Meaning a portion of each product sold, would go to a designated charity (which we still do!). But as we grow, our company grows as well. My husband and I have continued to learn more and more about the impact fashion has on the environment and the workers involved in creating garments. We decided we really wanted to use our platform and business to have a positive effect in this regard, instead of a negative one. This lead us to making sure our garments are produced ethically in the U.S. or through fair trade. Through these avenues, we feel proud of what we've been able to bring to the table on the fashion industry! 

About the blankets:

"When clothing is discarded, it ends up in our landfills. Most apparel isn't easily recycled in a normal fashion. There are companies however that have programs in place to collect discarded clothing, shred it back down into fibers and then spun into new string. This is what makes up our blankets. They give a second life to U.S. Apparel that would otherwise by garbage.

Our blankets are also fair trade. The material is sent to Tlaxacala, Mexico to be turned into our beautiful blankets. The artisans who make our blankets are usually farmers by trade. They work through a program where they are given the material to take home + weave blankets with. This is also ethical because it's a much more relaxed working condition. They work at home, sometimes as a family. (One single blanket could have had multiple family members working on it at different times throughout the day. ) They get to choose how much they work + how much they produce. What I find so awesome about our artisans is their sense of community. With the weaving of the blankets alone, they've been able to build a town center + school. 

And lastly, they're charitable. 10% of the sale of each blanket of ours goes to our various charity partners. Our Seattle + Pacifica blankets goes towards Best Friends Animal Society + our Sahara blanket goes towards the International Rhino Foundation."