Day 17: *Video* Exploring the Future of Fashion

Outfit Look: 17

When you wear the same thing everyday you really begin to play around with details. I've been changing the "look" by rolling my sleeves up or pulling the lower half of the dress up and tucked under to give it a shorter blouse look onto of my jeans. I've been also playing around with my hair styles more too. These simple modifications I explore daily may seem primitive to the people of the distant future. 

I often wonder what I'll be wearing 20 or 30 years from now. Will clothes wash themselves? Will they protect us from diseases and common germs? I think we are only just beginning to explore concept, but these are certainly topics and ideas being explored right now. 

I came across another documentary on the future of fashion called The Next Black. The film explores a handful of designers and companies to see what they think the future of clothing will be.