Day 21 One Dress

Seven more days left! I'm in the last stretch of this one dress month. I couldn't be more pleased with this dress, honestly. Having worn it day in and day out it still looks great and feels great. 

Sure I'm getting a little antsy to dive into the other pieces of my wardrobe, but this dress will always be my one of my go-to pieces and I look forward to caring for it for years to come. 

Let me ask you a question. What does ownership mean to you? What does it mean to "own" your clothes? 


"In 2012, Americans created more than 14.3 million tons of textile waste," Norum said. "Much of this waste is due to clothes being discarded due to minor tears or stains-easily repairable damages if the owners have the skills and knowledge to fix them. If we, as a nation, want to move toward more sustainable practices in all aspects, we need to evaluate not only how we take care of our clothes, but how we educate younger generations to do so as well."  - Science Daily

How do you think we can collectively bring more value to our clothing again? Can we go on a clothing diet? What would inspire us to mend again and to support those in our community who can? 

Big and complex questions, but it ultimately comes down to each one of us becoming more mindful of what we choose to wear and how we choose to own it.