Day 23: Hand Stitching

It's snowing! The weather has been so unusually warm here in Boulder this month - with temps in the 70's and very little snow. 

I made one last swap to my wardrobe for the month. I swapped my light wash skinny jeans for those ones in this photo. With the snow today and the impending muddiness for the next few days, I decided to make the switch. Thinking back to the beginning of this month, I probably should have picked these two jeans to start with than the ones I initially picked. 

I'm wearing my hat and jean jacket and my little grey waterproof short boots today. And I shaped the dress so it's pulled and tucked up to shorten the length. Comfy and cozy! 


Before we move on to thrifting and wrapping up our month long one dress challenge, I wanted to share one more find that has helped me learn to repair my own clothing. Once you learn these five simple stitches you'll be able fix basic holes, loose buttons, and busted seams. The link is below!


Five Basic Hand Stitches