Day 24: Ambassador Highlight | The Five Looks Challenge

Outfit Look Day 24

Today, I'm sharing a story from one of our Be Zero Ambassadors Abbey.

Abbey recently shared her capsule wardrobe with us a few weeks ago (catch that post here), this time Abbey shares another wardrobe challenge with us! The Five Looks Challenge! Read below! 

Five Looks Challenge | By Abbey

In my last blog post, I shared my first ever capsule wardrobe with you all: what worked, what sucked, what I’m working towards. Well, I love my wardrobe so very much that in December, I was inspired to try something even more radical. 

One of my favorite sustainable and ethical fashion brands, People Tree, challenged all of their Instagram followers to create five different looks, wearing just five pieces for five days. 

Why? Between emerging research about microfibers in our waterways, the mass consumption and subsequent landfilling of textiles, and the unethical treatment of farmers and garment industry workers, fashion has an unreal impact on our planet.  And the best way to minimize your impact is to reduce and reuse, right? 

So, reduce to five pieces and reuse those five pieces throughout the week? Challenge accepted. 

My Five Pieces
Black silk A-line skirt
Green cardigan
Organic cotton leggings
Scoop-neck ¾ sleeve purple tee
White button-up

All five of these items are part of my current capsule wardrobe.  The skirt is secondhand from ThredUp (love love love them) and the leggings are one of only two truly ethical pieces in my closet. The cardigan, purple tee, and white button-up are all pieces I’ve owned for several years. 

I loved this challenge. It’s amazing how limiting my options really allowed me to think differently about what I wear each day. I probably could have made another few outfits with these five pieces, so I’m actually eager to try another five days with these same pieces! 

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