Day 4: Fewer and Better

I washed my dress for the first time last night, along with my jeans, and undergarments. They quietly rested on my dryer rack and the dress on a wood hanger in the closet throughout the night until they were dry. The linen dress was wrinkle-free by morning and ready to be worn again for a few more days until its next wash. 

I spent today sharing Be Zero's mission at the 14th Annual Front Range Eco-Social Solutions event at CU Boulder. It was a good day with lots and lots of sharing. The dress really flows well with my daily life. I paired it with my black skinny jeans, jean jacket, and my local and handmade clay bolo tie. 

I'm really starting to think that after these 28 days are up, I'm going to be even more certain about my wardrobe. My wardrobe is already very small (around 25 pieces - not including shoes), but I'm starting to think it could even be just as small as wardrobes were in my grandparents era (the average woman's wardrobe size in the 1930's was 9 outfits). I'm so confident in this dress and the way it looks and feels on me. 

Today, I want to share this article from NPR that I found on textiles and slow fashion. Please take a look and don't forget to listen to the short audio clip attached to the article as well!