Day 8: Exploring Slow Fashion - Winter Session

Reconnecting production to consumption is the theme for the next few days. The circular (zero waste) mindset isn't about consuming more, it's about rethinking our consumerism so that we are ultimately consuming less and applying an ownership mentality for when we do need to make a purchase. 

Slow fashion is connecting people to production and people to ownership. When we take ownership of something we take care of it - mend it, repair it, watch after it - we put value back into the things we choose to take into our lives and we put value back into the people and resources that it took to make the item. 

Outfit Look: Day 8 

Easy breezy. I'm loving this uniform. Bring on the next 20 days!

About Winter Session

Winter Session designs and manufactures practical, functional, and high quality canvas and leather goods designed to last and take you though your lifetime. Founded in 2010 by the husband and wife team of Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher, this business is centered in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. 

When reading about Winter Session, I was drawn to the first sentence of their about page...

We make things for people who care about how things are made.

So. Much. Yes. When did we stop caring about how things are made? When did we stop caring about how long things last? When did we stop putting value into the things we bring into our lives? The easy access to quickly made products and goods today seems as though it has always been that way, but our fast fashion tendencies are a recent development. The undercurrent of intentional slow design and manufacturing is gaining steam again and the benefits are numerous for this model of production - for both individuals and communities. 

Living just north of Denver in Boulder, I got to visit the workshop to meet the architects behind these handmade goods. The small team of artisans who create these timeless pieces do everything - including hand-stitching, cutting, sewing, and beveling the entire line of Winter Session products. 

It was such a pleasure to be there, meeting the co-owner and the artists behind these creations and seeing for myself the space where all the magic happens.

Check out the video below to see the construction of one of their products - the day pack. 


Winter Session's Workshop + Storefront Photo Tour 

Built to Last: The Garrison Bag

The Garrison bag is a beautiful heavy-duty carry-all. This bag is so perfect for my lifestyle. It's beautiful, roomy, functional, practical, sturdy, and constructed with such detail and love. It fits my style - through and through. I own very few personal possessions and that means that anything new coming into my life must be something that is going to stick with me through the years, be well built, functional, and have a story to tell. This is slow-fashion to the T and I'm happy to be part of it. 

Learn more about Winter Session HERE. And if you're in the Denver, Colorado area make sure to stop by and check it out it for yourself.