Welcome to the Be Zero Volunteer Internship Program. This three-month program is an opportunity to learn, engage, create, and inspire others to rethink their trash and plastic footprint and to support the facilitation of thoughtful ecology in your community and the world! This internship is geared towards individuals who want to learn more about Be Zero's Circular Mindset philosophy, build community, and engage in sharing our message with the public. 

How do interns contribute? 

During the three months, interns will learn, inspire, and educate their local community and our global Be Zero Community by creating a small community project and by helping facilitating facets of our nonprofit's online Be Zero Community as well. 

Interns who are accepted into the program will all be required to attend and participate in:

  • Mandatory Online Orientation | Introduction to our nonprofit's philosophy, general conduct, and our Circular Mindset outreach. You'll also learn the brief history of the disposable culture, recycling, and best practices to interact with the community. 
  • Attend our Online Group Learning Conversation SessionBecoming a Positive Activist with Be Zero and Loam Magazine 
  • Create a Community Project  | Due on the last week of the last month of your internship 
  • Nonprofit Support | 1 hour per week

Overview of Community Project: 

Below you'll find a general overview of what is expected. Once accepted into the internship program you'll have access to more information, detail, and support. 

We want to bring the Circular Mindset philosophy into your local community and to create a conversation and call to action with the general public. During the three months, interns will bring to light one our Circular Mindset focuses and introduce it to their community in the form of a small informative community project. The community project should be focused, practical and easily sharable with your community.  A project could be in the form of a written blog post series, an audio/written interview series, art/poetry, music, a short educational video, or an organized and documented community meet-up on behalf of Be Zero. The idea is to bring conversation, awareness, and inspiration to a topic for others to learn about and become engaged with (in any capacity).

Your community project will be due the last week of the last month of the internship and will be shared via our website.

The internship project will highlight one of the CMF topics below.

Circular Mindset Focus Topics include:

  • Simplicity / Design 
  • Disposables to reusables / Resourcefulness / Thriftiness / Ownership mentality 
  • Community Sharing / Consumer and Community Power  

Questions to think about when picking your focus and project: 

  • What conversations are missing from my community when it comes to waste and environmental issues? 
  • How can I have the most impact in my community? 
  • What are barriers in my community when it comes to environmental issues? Social? Economic? Political? 
  • What can I do to make the ideas more accessible to all in my community? 
  • How can I hold a positive, flexible, and tolerant space and conversation for my community? 

Nonprofit Volunteer Support

Volunteer Interns will be assigned to help maintain one of our current Be Zero FB City pages, update/maintain any of our Be Zero City Guides, and have the ability to translate any of education material if applicable.  

Who can join? 

We encourage anybody to apply that is interested in environmental education and the desire to share our mission and philosophy with the public. The Be Zero Internship is a time commitment and we encourage those applying to be able to meet the monthly volunteer requirements.  

How to participate? 

Application and essay submissions are open twice a year, once in the spring and summer. Applications will be accepted for a two week period. We will select 15 applicants from each the spring and summer to join us for the semester. 

If you are selected as a Be Zero Volunteer Intern, you'll be notified via email of your acceptance. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept every applicant due to limited resources and staff.


Summer Internship 2018 |  June 1 - August 31 | Applications will be open from Friday, May 6th - May 19st

Orientation Date: 

Online Group Learning Session Date:

Community Project Due Date: between August 26-31st | Community Project Group Project Online Share September 1st |


Step One: Application

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Step Two: Essay

Submit your essay via email to info@bezero.org

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