Becoming a member of Be Zero is the best way to support our organization as we create a web of inspired, educated, and active individuals striving towards a low-waste lifestyle. Membership is about partnership, and we hope you will partner with us in this movement to create inspired and educated communities locally and globally. 

Your contribution goes directly to our growing educational programs and community outreaches.


Community Outreach + Education

We love to be out in the community sharing simple ways to reduce our trash footprint! From our Trash Diet Workshop, Zero Waste Social Hours, Community Clean-ups, and our Be Zero Solar Bike pop-up, we love sharing in our community and beyond!

Ambassador Program

We are growing a network of individuals from around the world who are passionate about the planet. Ambassadors are trained in the Be Zero Circular Mindset and are given the tools to start their own Zero Waste Social Hours in their area. Ambassadors contribute through articles, community interaction, and learn through one-on-one support from our Be Zero Team. 


Speaking & Events & Social Media

From our Tedx talk in Aruba to local schools, universities, and conferences in Colorado and beyond, we are looking to inspire and empower as many people with simple and practical steps towards minimizing individual waste. 

We offer to the digital community a vast array of educational tools from our popular Make Less Trash infographic and our 34.7K followers on Instagram, and our Be Zero City Facebook Groups, and Be Zero Facebook Page. 

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Be Zero yearly membership for one person is $35 | Membership includes a digital Be Zero Member Badge

100% of your membership goes directly to support our daily operational expenses and to support and grow our current and upcoming educational community outreaches and programs. 

Be Zero is 501(c)(3)nonprofit charitable organization

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