It's time to dramatically reduce our trash footprint.

It's time to rethink our consumerism. 

It's time to simplify.


Make Less Waste


When it comes to reducing our trash footprint, we can't do everything, but we can all do something. Each one of us can dramatically reduce our individual trash and plastic footprint with a few mindful steps. 

Take the Make Less Trash pledge and join our growing global community of individuals working to inspire, educate, and activate others to become empowered and mindful consumers so as to grow more resilient and resourceful communities. 

Making less trash in our everyday life is something we all can do. By rethinking our consumer choices, taking more ownership of the materials we bring into our lives, and supporting our local community, we can all make a difference. Check out a few of the simple steps you can take below!




Refuse + Bring Your Own

Refuse single-use disposables. This is anything you use just once and toss. From plastic-lined coffee and beverage cups, straws, plastic bags, and utensils. 

  • Bring your own reusable and durable coffee/beverage cup! You can use a sturdy glass canning jar with a koozie for hot and cold beverages or a glass and cork KeepCup (like the one in the photo), thermos, or a regular old mug! Many coffee establishments will even offer you a discount for bringing your own cup too!
  • Bring your own reusable cloth bag for both groceries and produce. You can find many options here
  • Refuse! Ask for no straw when you order your drinks at establishments (you may still get a straw, but at least you tried!).
  • Refuse freebies/giveaways.

Get Thrifty & Resourceful 

  • Rethink and simplify your consumer wants and needs. What really provides you value? What do you really use? 
  • Share! Sharing communities are popping up all around the U.S. and the world. From transportation sharing to household tools and instruments. Check your local community for tool libraries, car and bike sharing programs!
  • Visit your local thrift stores for gently used household goods and clothing. 
  • Learn to make simple household cleaners from inexpensive ingredients.  
  • Compost! No yard? No worry, start a worm compost! Learn more here and here.




Take Ownership 

Put value back into the things you own by taking ownership of your belongings.

  • Repair or mend your possessions before tossing and rebuying. 
  • If an item is beyond repair, ask yourself if the item can be repurposed into another application (example: old t-shirts into reusables tissues).
  • Responsibly dispose or recycle items that are fully expired. 



Take the Pledge 

Let's create a network of empowered and resilient communities!

Twice a year you'll be invited to a live Q&A broadcast with the Director and Founder of Be Zero! You'll be able to ask questions, learn simple ways to make less waste, and how to take action in your community!  

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