Coming in 2017, Be Zero will be announcing its first certification program for educators, students, and environmental facilitators.

The Circular Lifestyle Training Program centers around Be Zero's foundational approach to living life with less waste and greater simplicity.

The program will focuses on: 

  • Understanding the industrial concepts, applications, and implications of the circular (zero waste) and linear economies
  • Understanding the concepts and how-to applications of reducing our trash and plastic footprint
  • Understanding the effects of environmental pollution caused by our global linear economy
  • Curating and teaching balanced simplicity in life  
  • Positive consumer action and environmental activism
  • Inclusivity and diversity for broad-based activism
  • The how to's of creating community-based educational programs and outreaches

A diverse hands-on, visual, and informative program with exclusive collaborations with product engineers, scientists, and environmental influencers - this training program will give you the tools and knowledge to create empowered and active environmental positive communities and individuals.