Bringing together a global Community…

Curated by our director and founder Andrea Sanders, our Instagram is becoming a global community for inspiration, education, and personal empowerment within environmental conservation around waste and eco-mindfulness. 

With over 69K individuals within our Instagram community, we focus on practical ways to reduce waste and rethink our relationships with the environment. We do this with weekly Live Broadcast Q&A's, informative and inspiring captions, stories, and personal experiences. 

Our Instagram focus is based on compassion, tolerance, kindness, and wisdom. We do not engage in environmental or political shaming or sides. We hope to start a good conversation and inspire change within individuals. We acknowledge that not everyone has access or ability to take action in their own lives. Our hope is to be an open space and community so that others may choose to take what fits best in their own lives. 

Important notes:

Our Instagram is free from paid product promotions and reviews, sponsored advertising, giveaways, or reposts. Any products that are shared are items that Andrea personally uses and purchases on her own. Any gifts are will be clearly stated. All photos and captions are original and may not be reposted without permission.