Bring. Drink. Take.

Own your cup. 


Annually, over 500 billion single-use disposable plastic, styrofoam, and plastic-lined paper cups are used globally. Whether it's hot, cold, or somewhere in between, disposable drink cups are everywhere and are being used at an alarming rate across the planet each day. With zero to poor recovery rates for these materials (due to poor design, producer responsibility, and a recovery infrastructure), these cups end up in landfills and polluting waterways, and oceans.

Here at Be Zero, we believe that inspiration, positive activism, and community can bring about change. And it's going to take all our little actions combined to create a new collective attitude.  

What can we do to become a part of the conversation and a part of the solution?

We need to become familiar with the materials being used in our disposable culture and how these materials are affecting the health of our environment, wildlife, and human health. 

We need to understand the realities of recycling. 

We need to encourage a more reuse consumer culture. 

We need to encourage companies to rethink the materials they're using and encourage more producer responsibility by creating take back programs, closing the loop on materials. 


Take Ownership

We must put value back into the resources, people, communities, and food and materials we use. Trash is just one example of how we have devalued materials. When we hold an ownership mentality to our belongings we are respecting where those materials come from and where they go. We take care of what we have and become more mindful 


Inspiration & Awareness

Let's send a positive and informative message to our friends, families, and communities through thoughtful sharing and collective action. Help us share our campaign through social media, community groups, class rooms, offices, and your local coffee shop!  Learn how below! 


Action Guide


1. Share your story

Take a photo of you and your reusable cup and use the #OwnYourCup hashtag when sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media strand you enjoy. Share what inspired you to bring your own cup with you. What are the reason you love and take your own travel cup? What helps you to remember your cup? How does bringing your own cup bring value to you? What does your friends, family, and community think? Share the good, the bad, and the challenging! Join the global community! We'll be featuring photos and stories right here on our website and our Be Zero Facebook pages! 

2. Share and use these images

Share a copy at your local coffee shop, share on your IG, FB, or Twitter, blog, website, office, anywhere! Download the #OwnYourCup Logo and the Own Your Cup action flyer to help share your message more effectively!

3. Personally engage and empower your local community and establishments


Share our Own Your Cup establishment logo.

Tips for establishments: 

Tips for community: 

Parties, gatherings, and 







4. Know the facts


5.  Support us

Make a one-time donation to Be Zero and help us carry this message further!