About Your Donation

Be Zero is all about community-supported environmental awareness. Our mission is to amplify the message of living simply, sustainably, and low-waste. Your donation keeps our community running strong.




We love to be out in the community sharing simple ways to reduce our trash footprint! From our talks, community cleanups and public outreaches, we love sharing in our community!  We offer to the digital community a vast array of educational tools from our popular Make Less Trash Guide, Live Broadcasts, community classes, and educating over 79K followers on Instagram.


From our Tedx talk in Aruba to local schools, universities, and conferences in Colorado and beyond, we are looking to inspire and empower as many people with simple and practical steps towards minimizing individual waste. 

Operational Expenses

To keep the backend of our work going, we use donations to keep our website running, maintain our educational software, help with traveling expenses, community booths, and supplies! 


Be Zero is 100% funded by generous individuals. We are all in this together. 

Thank you for making a difference.