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The Ambassador Program brings together like-minded people from around the globe with a common goal to inspire, educate, and activate communities on practical ways to improve the health and balance of our planet through the reduction of our individual trash and plastic footprint. Our goal is also to explore what it means to live simple and community-centered lifestyles. 



Each Ambassador will share Be Zero's mission by focusing on one or all of these three areas: 

  1. Practical ways to reduce our waste and single-use plastic use. 
  2. Curated living through resourcefulness, thrift, and self-discovered simplicity and minimalism.
  3. Global environmental effects of our waste - both industrial and individual. 


 Contribution + Schedule + Frequency

Share your stories, challenges, creativity and put your knowledge and passion into action by engaging your community and even your friends and family in the circular mindset. We give our Ambassadors the tools and resources to explore and share their personal eco-story and to educate others on creating less waste. 

Here are three ways Ambassadors may contribute and stay active in the program:   

  • Write an informative or photo-centered blog post on one of the Ambassador focus areas above. 
  • Upload a short video or other content to our Be Zero Facebook Page and Ambassador Facebook Page using hashtag #BeZeroAmbassador
  • Engage and inspire your local community to reduce and refuse single-use plastics with well documented community clean-ups, single-use plastic initiatives, creating informative guides posters, and art and photography projects that creatively highlight our global waste problem. 


Ambassadors are expected to contribute at least one hour per month, but can contribute more. Please email a list of all monthly contributions to

All hours must be logged in our Track It Forward volunteer hour tracking service. 



Once an Ambassador has been selected, each will go through a mandatory 90 minute orientation that will cover: 

  • Be Zero's mission 
  • Brief history of waste
  • Introduction to circular and linear economies
  • Myths of recycling
  • Plastic and plastic pollution
  • The Circular Mindset 
  • Practical ways to dramatically reduce personal waste


Ambassadors have full access to Be Zero's expert team to engage further in the above topics and to ask questions that they may have along the way. Mentorship is available online via our exclusive Ambassador Facebook Page, one-on-one online video meetings, and email. 


Application submission for Fall 2017 starts July 1st and runs through August 31st. 

All applications and essays submitted will be reviewed by September 1st and acceptance letters will be given on September 5, 2017. You may submit your application and essay anytime between July 1st and August 31st. If you have questions about the application process please email


  1. Fill out the online application form below. 
  2. Write a 300 word minimum essay. Submit to

Here are a few questions you can answer
when writing your essay:

•  Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the Be Zero Ambassadors?
•  What is your background?
•  How do you see yourself shifting your day to day habits as you move towards a more simple and zero waste lifestyle? How would you like to share that with others? 


If selected and once your essay has been submitted, I'll be in contact with you to set up your orientation. The purpose of the orientation is to familiarize you with Be Zero's mission and with zero waste. The orientation is held online via Skype.  


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