Be Zero's Trash Diet Workshop


Trash. We all make it. And we can all make a whole lot less.

The average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash per day! By becoming an informed, empowered, and conscious consumer, you'll understand how simple, easy, and healthy it is to shrink your trash!

This isn't just about trash, it's about supporting our local communities, becoming resourceful, slowing down, and simplifying our lives. The Trash Diet Workshop is held in a living zero waste home. You'll see for yourself what living trash-less looks like in a real home. 

what people are saying:

I absolutely loved the Trash Diet Workshop. It was so inspiring to be in a Zero Waste home and see how doable living this way can be. I learned so much and honestly, before this class felt I was a person who didn’t produce a lot of trash- but after seeing all that Andrea does- I realize I have a lot of room for improvement. I went home right after the workshop and started immediately implementing the things I learned. I love that the problem of trash is something we as individuals have the power to do something about and Andrea makes it so approachable, easy and fun!
— Nikki Roatch, Colorado
Andrea is a passionate and inspiring person! She is a wealth of knowledge and ideas for others who seek to shift their attitudes and actions regarding waste. I felt empowered and excited to make changes immediately in my life that will be both manageable and sustainable.
— Erin Dell, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
“Andrea is so knowledgeable, helpful, and enlightening, being able to see how she does it by being in her home was so eye opening to how easy it can be! I love that she does take this lifestyle to the extreme so we can see that is is possible if you have enough passion for it. I would highly recommend taking her class to anyone who is interested in this lifestyle. She makes it so easy and so fun!”
— Trisha Lopez, Casper, Wyoming
“Andrea opened up her home and showed our small group what it’s really like to live a zero waste life. She gave us tons of practical tips and reminded us that becoming zero waste is a lifestyle change that will take time but is completely worth it, both for the environment and simplifying your life. I left with a great set of tools, tips, and excitement to make my life more sustainable.”
— Lacey Ankenman, Boulder, Colorado
“The Trash Diet Workshop was super fun, easy to follow and learn from, and really showed me concrete ways I can use a zero waste lifestyle to create more time and space in my life. I was skeptical at first, but seeing Andrea’s whole house — streamlined and simplified — was beautiful! I could really see how zero waste life isn’t a strategy, it’s a lifestyle that permeates each room and makes things work. I’m excited to slowly shift my habits towards zero waste and see how much more time and energy I get!”
— Ginger Kern, Boulder, Colorado



$45 | All proceeds go directly to funding operational expenses and educational programs of Be Zero. Payments can also be made in-person by check or cash. Please contact me for payment options. 


Boulder, Colorado Private Residence / map + details available at registration


This workshop runs 4 hours 


Space is limited to 5 students per class.

What you get: 

Take home your own mason jar of homemade toothpaste and all purpose cleaner spray! 


This workshop is perfect for individuals and families of all sizes. You'll learn & experience how to drastically reduce household trash, single-use plastics, needless toxic cleaning products, and processed foods.  

Class Outline:

  • Understanding linear & circular economies
  • Plastics and plastic pollution
  • How to make less trash / applying Be Zero's Circular Mindset to everyday
  • Home methods & organization for less waste
  • Cleaning & personal care solutions
  • How to live as an empowered consumer 

You'll also learn how to:

  • Make toothpowder/paste, nut milk, and cleaning products
  • Organize your kitchen to easily and cost effectively prepare simple meals from whole foods
  • Shop zero waste and how to limit your trash when traveling
  • Simplify and de-clutter your life


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Andrea’s class made me realize you can live this lifestyle on almost any budget, and there are different levels you an start at to reduce your trash. She made it simple and accessible. It does not feel like a lifestyle that is beyond means or difficult to achieve.”
— Erin Schol, Boulder, Colorado

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