SCHEDULE A ONE-ON-ONE Zero Waste Conversation!

Join me for a supportive online conversation on the why’s and how’s of living with less trash and plastic. This online conversation is designed to inspire, educate, and activate individuals to rethink their trash and live more simply!  This online conversation will share the mission, story, and principals of living a zero waste lifestyle.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Be Zero’s Mission

  • Thrown Reality: How did we get so wasteful?

  • Recycling Myths & Plastic Pollution 

  • Zero Waste Core Strategies 

  • Zero Waste Tools of the Trade

  • Resources

  • Q & A


Please email me at


  • Each talk lasts 90 minutes 
  • All talks start in Mountain Standard Time / USA
  • Each call will be an interactive visual and audio experience. Calls are held over the internet.
  • Talks are held via Google Hangouts  
  • You'll receive a meeting link to connect to the talk once you've RSVP'd. 


$20 | All proceeds go directly to fund our educational and operational expenses of Be Zero.

Be Zero is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.